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Proudly present our new identity

The “A” is the first alphebet of (A)IRA LAB; it consist of three elements which are easier, faster and smarter.

The name AIRA LAB, stands for Artificial Intelligence Robots Automation, LAB, a platform to create solution and inspire the next generation.

Unleash the Power of Your Robots.

AIRA LAB platform gives you easy-to-use hardware, software & cloud that make any Robot be able to Online, connecting & Program it online through our platform. Also, Control your robots with our mobile applications.



Starter pack for STEM education, see how this little guy able to program & connect with others education robots**.


How does it work?

Follow five simple steps to enhance your robot.

Step 1:

Own a Robot

Get Started with our Starter Kit.


Upgrade any of your robots with AIRA LAB. (Now support LEGO rero)

Step 2:

Connect to the internet

Turn on the AIRA Board & connect it to your WIFI hotspot.

Step 3:

Program it with AIRA Block

logged into our platform ( then program it with AIRA BLOCK. (visual programming language)

Step 4:

Control the robot with AIRA App (Android currently)

You can customize any command into the AIRA APP & control the robot

Step 5:

Learn & share the project with the Community!

You can share or ask any question in the community, also you can share it to any social media like Facebook & etc.

What product does AIRA LAB offer?

Early Bird Promotion!

AIRA Starter Kit –

RM 230!!

The Starter Kit is a basic robot package. With this, you can program and control your robots remotely, over the Internet. Starter Kit also providing 2 Motors, 1 Ultrasonic Sensors & able to power by just Power bank! Also, remotely controlled by AIRA App. The great robotic learning experience is now affordable and easy to use.

Are you Training Center or Schools?

You Owned any Educational Robots?-

We providing solutions for upgrading the educational robots. Apply at below and we will contact you shortly

Interested on rero robot?

Get one here & Click the button below if you have one.

RM 795.00!! + Upgrade RM 170

rero Jr is a born transporter. He works in a warehouse where thousands of goods are stored in different racks and he transports them around as directed…

Interested on LEGO?

Get one here & Click the button below if you have one.

RM 399.90!! + Upgrade RM 170

pin, turn, clamber over obstacles and race at breakneck speed with this fully motorized, remote-controlled LEGO® Technic RC Tracked Racer, featuring a lime-green, white and black color scheme with decorative stickers, driver’s cab with roll bars and two large tracks, each powered by six wheels.

Education Robot can’t process well in low internet connection? 

We provide solution to helps your robot able to function smoothly even in low internet connection region.

Coming Soon


What can I do with AIRA LAB?

Robot can be reuse

Your robots able to be updated & reused for another educational purpose.

One program to control any robots

To control any kind of educational robots, children only need to learn one Visual Programming Language which called AIRA Block that evolved from Scratch programming.


RM 50/month for yearly subscription
  • Connect Four(4) Robot
  • Create Fifty(50) Tasks.
  • Offline & Private Project


RM 110/month for yearly subscription
  • Connect Twenty(20) Robot
  • Create Three Hundred(300) Tasks.
  • Offline & Private Project

All Start From Here.

AIRA Board

A core that makes your robot to connect to the internet, program online, talk to other robots and work together. 


Centralized communication protocol. One platform for all use

AI & Cloud Processing

Fast, easy, flexible programming concept. AI & processing in the cloud.

Online & AIRA Block

AIRA block, a graphical programming language let users to program easily. Whenever online you can program your robots anywhere, anytime.


AIRA App, an additional controller for you to control robots with Smart Phone. Android currently.


AIRA LAB’s mission is to create a sustainable community which enables IoT sharing ecosystem and drives the robot creation movement.

Easy to Customize

You can program your robots to do whatever actions you want them to.

Feeling like bring one home?

Meet the team

Patrick Lee

Patrick Lee

Co-Founder, Technology & Business Lead

Bachelor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Universiti Teknologi Petronas


Business, Marketing, Front End Development

Jen Hau

Jen Hau

Co-Founder, Technology & Development Lead

Bachelor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Universiti Teknologi Petronas


Server Front End & Server Back End,  Firmware, Android.

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